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Las Vegas The Cosmopolitan worth the points or Grand Chateau?

Question asked by taxman193 on Jul 25, 2014
Latest reply on Sep 24, 2014 by vaboywnder

Hi folks. I value your opinions so thought I would post a question regarding a scenario I have for Labor Day weekend 2014.


I am a Marriott Platinum Member. I am taking my wife to Las Vegas from August 30th (Friday) through September 3rd (Wednesday) 2014. We have been to Vegas a few times and love it. I went there on a work trip last year and for part of my trip I stayed at the Cosmopolitan and for the other part, The Grand Chateau.


I assume that Labor Day weekend will be extremely busy in Las Vegas so I am torn on whether I should stay at the Cosmopolitan for the entire 5 nights or stay there just two nights and switch to the Grand Chateau.


The Cosmopolitan will cost me 180,000 points plus $75 a night for the one bedroom with balcony plus tax ($50 upgrade fee plus $25 resort fee). I normally save my points for some exotic resort area. The weekend rates in Vegas for Labor Day are all expensive and the rate for the one bedroom for that weekend is about $600 a night on the weenend (cheaper after Monday). Not sure if it is worth the 180,000 plus $420 it will cost me. I can stay at the Cosmopolitan for two nights, on the Friday and Saturday night for 90,000 points plus $168 cash and then switch to the Grand Chateau where I got a government rate of $92 a night (no resort fee) for Sunday - Wedneday.


As I said I have stayed in the Cosmopolitan before and if I am given an upgrade to a view of the fountains, it is a an incredible room and I would like my wife to experience that even if it is just for a couple of nights.


My delima and conerns:

- It will be an extremely busy weekend and to use 180,000 points plus $420 when there is a possibility we will not be able to really enjoy the Cosmopolitan (i.e. can't get a seat by the pool, long lines in the restuarants) it may not be worth it. The room would be great but really, how much time do you spend in the room?

- No guarantee that I will at least be upgraded to a view. I am not asking for an upgrade to a larger room, the one bedroom with balcony is fine but I have to have the view of the fountains. Checking in on Friday of a holiday weekend means I may not get the view and then it would deifnately not be worth it to me.

- By splitting the nights, two nights at the Cosmo, and three nights at the Chateau, I would earn some points and nights toward my status vs nothing from a 5 night stay at Cosmo. It woudl still cost me 90,000 points plus $168 but for a Friday and Saturday night on a long weekend, this seems worthwhile and I could not get the government rate (or a cheap rate) for those two nights at the Chateau anyway.


- On the other hand staying all 5 nights at Cosmo would at least give me the chance to enjoy less crowds for at least 1/2 day on Monday and all day Tuesday when everyone else checks out.


- the other decision is for an extra $50 a night (plus tax) with the points, I could reserve the Terrace Suite instead of the Terrace one bedroom. Not sure what the Terrace Suite is like but my undertstanding is that you are guaranteed a view of the fountains and it is a much larger room. However, I don't really need a larger room, just want a view. I don't think the Terrace Suite has the Japanese soaking tubs though and I thought my wife would love that so not sure it is worth paying the little extra. On the one hand it would guarantee me the view but no Japanese tub.


Really would appreciate your comments and advice. Do you think I should just stay at Cosmo for all five nights and use 180,000 points plus $420 or do you think I should just stay there Friday and Saturday for 90,000 points plus $168 and then move to the Chateau?

Should I reserve the Terrace Suite for the extra $56 a night or just stick to the Terrace one bedroom and pray they give me the upgrade to a nice view?