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Paris - London travel arrangement question

Question asked by jeanstcyr on Jul 24, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 24, 2014 by jerrycoin

I am destined for Paris and London, and have a travel day dilemma -


As a party of 2 we want to do the following all in one day:


Check out of our Paris hotel (store our suitcases somewhere), take a train from St. Lazare station to Caen to visit the D-day beaches, then back that afternoon to retrieve our suitcases.


Take a train from the Gare Du Nord station to London to continue the rest of our trip.


Questions - where can we store our suitcases?  Do we have to store them at the Hotel and return there to retrieve them?  Would the Hotels be able to make these arrangements for us, including the trains, or do we have to do this ourselves?  We are concerned about timing and missing trains, but would rather not pay for the flexible tickets.


We are staying at the Marriott Opera Ambassador in Paris, and traveling to the Grosvenor House Marriott in London.

Any advise would be appreciated!  Thank you!