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bejacob, Marriott's only August Promotion eligible Insider, inquired earlier this week in the Zombie Thread about apps and sites for air travel.


Good idea b.e., no wonder you get the promos

Best Apps and Websites for Travelers - Articles | Travel + Leisure  Here's a list that takes it a step further. This list has some pretty decent tools for planes, trains, autos, hotels, activities, phones, tour info, wi-fi, weather and all sorts of stuff related to travel. I can only imagine how valuable these tools would be in the hands of tech capable travelers (I'll live vicariously thru your tales).


Some we have discussed on Insiders; seatguru #6,, hoteltonight#15 etc etc


Others that I've had good use for;

viator #10 - highlighting activities - good for knowing what's what and then I can look for deals (sometimes using the viator vendor)

Hipmunk #14 - yes planes, but also finding hotels in specific neighborhoods or near specific landmarks (then I check out hotels/restaurants)

Eventsearcher#35 - similar to viator, pretty interesting stuff


Google translate#40 - I guess I'll break down and have handy for my Paris trip, to help me avoid ordering cow organs for breakfast

Master the local trains #29 - oh man, can you imagine pluto with this in her hands!


and even though vaboywnder and sg1974 continue to constantly bust my chops,

airbnb#12 - I'm tellin' ya - that's the future of some great stays!


Dive in and see what's what (or not)


Don't forget these two babies either;