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Look No Further Guarantee is entirely ineffective

Question asked by pztpa on Jul 20, 2014
Latest reply on May 22, 2018 by anthoj

I recently booked two rooms on the site for a Marriott in Los Alamitos and found a significantly cheaper rate on for the same room.  Having read through the entirety of the Look No Further guarantee, I was confident that I would qualify and went ahead and booked the rooms on the Marriott site as it stated.  15 hours later I got a response saying that the rate could not be found on  Luckily I went ahead an submitted the print screen that I had taken of the site and submitted that to the agent, who again replied that if it isn't there when they get around to looking at the site, then it isn't honored.  Marriott must change their prices multiple times an hour on the internet so to expect a rate to stick around for almost a full day while they get around to researching it just seems silly to me.   Specifically, they told me "We do not use the screen shots to review the claim.  We will use screen shots to see exactly where you found the rate.  We still have to be able to find the rate when we review."   I asked if they preferred I went ahead an booked that rate (so I would in essence have 2 identical reservations booked, which as a businessperson I think is ludicrous because it would tamper with demand calculations, pricing, yields, and everything else if everyone were doing this JUST to assure that the Marriott would actually HONOR their own guarantee), and if so why not just state that rather than having people find out for themselves?


At this point I am just annoyed of the lack of consideration for the customer.  We all have better things to do than waste time going back and forth to save a few bucks, and for a brand like Marriott to be so obstinate in their policies when someone has a legitimate claim goes against every tenet of customer service in my opinion.  Instead of making the $600 or so they would have made by honoring their "guarantee" they will now get $0 for this trip and it will be the last place I look in the future for my travel needs.  Not a great business decision by any measure.



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