Ideal Elite Status Perks

Discussion created by kharada46 on Jul 17, 2014
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A lot of discussions have been focused on what's wrong with Marriott Rewards and reward programs in general.  So, what would Elite Status perks look like if you could design it from the ground up?  Or if you feel like being really ambitions, what would Marriott Rewards as a whole look like if you could design in from the ground up? 


I know you have tons of ideas erc, profchiara, jerrycoin, pluto77, ssindc, vaboywnder, bejacob, bpelican, and more!


I'd love to hear what our very own Marriott team things as well... don't worry, we won't hold you too making it happen! 


To help you along with your ideas, check out this blog post:


Personally, I like the fact that lounge access is granted to Gold & Platinum.  I also like the fact that Internet access is free to Gold & Platinum, but should this be expanded to best available Internet plan?  Not just the slow plans?  Maybe grant Silver Elites free (slower) Internet access?


I'd also like to see guaranteed late checkout of at least 4pm for Platinums and 2pm for Golds.  Confirmed, free upgrades should also be available to Platinums for at least a number of reservations per year.  Guaranteed early check-in would be nice, but thinking reasonably, isn't that big a deal.  What I would like to see is the Bonus point award for Plats PLUS free bottles of water in the room.  Heck, Andaz (Hyatt) lets you have at it with the mini bar free of charge, except for alcohol medicine. 


Resorts definitely need to be included in the complimentary breakfast for Plats & Golds too.  Marriott gives them too much leeway in terms of Elite benefits, and even regular MR benefits.


In terms of the program as a whole, I'd like to see award stays count towards Elite status.  Marriott has the most difficult to attain elite status in the industry, so maybe easing up on that a little bit would help.  Oh, and eliminating the reciprocal benefits program with MileagePlus.... Let's just not have that kind of relationship anymore.  Period.


Would also like to have the rollover policy changed.  For example, I'm Plat right now, but I know I'm not going to stay a whole lot this year.  But rather than letting me rollover the points I earn this year, I lose them because I didn't re-qualify for my current tier and will be dropped to Gold.  So what incentive does that give me to even stay at Marriotts at all if that's the case?


I'd also like to see Elite Status credit return to meeting only Rewarding Events.