My southern Italy dilemma

Discussion created by profchiara on Jul 18, 2014
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Hi all,

I think Pluto will have a strong opinion on this, but I would love to hear from the rest of you.  As some of you know, I'm continuing my work on ancient natural disasters, specifically earthquakes, fires and volcanoes, and had planned to stay in Naples at the end of August.  But as always when I plan to go to Naples (except on day trips for research), I have second thoughts because I think the city is so ugly [IMHO] -- except of course the view of the sea of Naples and Capri.


I think Pluto also was the one who lit a spark in my mind -- Sorrento.  The dilemma is that I'm flying to Rome, so I'd have to take the hour train to Naples, then switch to the Circumvesuviana, which I've never used.  Has anyone?  The end of its line after Pompeii, Herculaneum and Vesuvius is Sorrento, so it would be very convenient for my work.  I was planning to use it from Naples, but Sorrento seems much more delightful in terms of where to stay.  I'll be in Rome the night before I come home (the day before school begins!), so returning isn't an issue.  I guess what I need to know is whether after flying PWM (that part is good) - DTW - AMS - FCO whether I will have the stamina to navigate the same amt of train stations (FCO-Termini, Termini to Napoli, change to Circumvesuviana etc.  I will never rent a car in Italy, so that's not a possibility.


No here's the kicker -- the hotel I booked (I have both booked now, fully cancellable) in Sorrento, the Grand Hotel Capodimonte, is cheaper than the one in Naples with a minimalist pool! (At least one pool is important for me because of my arthritis.) And the Grand Hotel has five pools and I'll have a balcony with a sea view! I know I'm convincing myself, but I just need some thoughts from others.

Grazie mille,