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I arrived in Manchester, NH a little over a month ago and stayed at 2 Marriotts since I have been here but the Fairfield Inn about a week ago really agitated me so instead of explaining here I will just share my e-mail to the GM which explainsd it all. I have some pics and reviews to post but I have been swamped with work and have not had a day off in over 2 months now so that will have to wait a week or so.


Dear ___________,


I would like to express concerns with you about my stay and experience at the Fairfield inn in Manchester about a week ago. At the same time I would also like to state that the employee who helped me was very friendly and I do not think any disciplinary actions should be taken on him. When I arrived to check in a process which usually take about 3-7 minutes it ended up taking about 20 min and left me confused and a little upset.


When I first called I was told there was no AAA discount on the room which is understandable and happens from time to time. When I arrived I was just checking in and I paid already when I Gentlemen came out and complained that he booked a 2 bed room and there is only one bed in his room. When I noticed on my slip I had 2 beds and I only needed one, I asked the Guy behind the counter if that Gentlemen could take my room and I will take his being as I only need 1 bed. I did this because you had no "Vacant Ready" Apartments. The Gentlemen behind the counter said yes but he has to figure out how to do it because there is no "Magic switch button". When he finally did it me and the other Guest were very confused because my original room was on the second floor and his somewhere else but we were both giving 2 different rooms. If I switched with him , how come he did not get my original room and me his? This means that there were 2 "Vacant Ready" rooms even though we were told there was not. Furthermore why did I have to wait and go through this whole process when my original room was not giving to begin with? So I changed rooms for no reason at all!


The second thing that is a huge concern to me is that , I was traveling for Business. On checkout day I had my Aunt with me whom I just picked up from the airport and I asked her to bring back key as I was picking up breakfast. She went to return the key and the same Employee who checked us in was checking her out. The Concern is the room was under my name and he proceeded to hand her (not me) Cash back because there was supposed to be an AAA discount (which as mentioned previously I was told there was not). Furthermore besides handing someone not authorized money of mine (which is ok because she was my Aunt) , He then asked for the money back because he found out he was not supposed to hand over cash. You should never even if it was a mistake take money back once you have given it. He was very friendly and his Customer Service intent was there but I think he had a lack of training which I do not think is his fault.


The last thing that bothered me was when I arrived there was a Female Employee and 2 Male employees just hanging out behind the counter and one of the Male Employees was using foul language and dressed in a T-shirt an unbranded , non Marriott plain blue t-shirt which I thought was very unprofessional. Also Upon check out a Gentlemen was just arriving to work and instead of buttoning his shirt or tying his tie in a bathroom or backroom he was essentially getting dressed and ready for work right there in front of Customers.


All in all my stay was good but I do think these Employees need better training and to be taught proper etiquette and Marriott standards.


Please get back to me as soon as you can ...Thanks,



Peter G. Uliano