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View Bill Facility on TV

Question asked by tommo781 on Jul 20, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 21, 2014 by tommo781

Every Marriott we have used for some time now has had the view bill facility on the TV.  I find this extremely useful, as it means items can be checked as you go along and corrected if necessary.  But I have just returned from a hotel in the UK where the facility was not available.  This was very strange, as the normal Marriott programme was there, and we could see what TV channels were available, the local weather etc etc.  But go to Check Bill, and it said "no items have yet been charged to this room".  Well, after 2 days, I asked at reception, as we thought it must be that something had not been activated when we checked in.  They kindly gave me an up to date printout (and yes there was a mistake that needed correcting) but said the facility was not available in any rooms in the hotel.


Have other MRIs found this?  I think it is most odd when all the other parts of the Marriott package are available.