Why MRIs are great

Discussion created by profchiara on Jul 15, 2014
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Today I got a personal birthday message from Jerry Coin.  I have no idea when I disclosed my birthday, but what a wonderful surprise for someone who has almost no family left.  Thank you, Jerry, and thank you community for providing me with so much interesting talk each year!

Cheers, ProfChiara


PS - Being the boring person I am I did nothing but read books for fall semester and work on syllabi.


But we did have some excitement in Maine.  We are once again outside the polar vortex, and I have never seen such high dew points (78 in Waterville today dew point, temp 74, which apparently felt like 89 acc to my weather app).  It was horribly oppressive, but when I got birthday greetings from friends in Wisconsin they told me it was cold!  Go figure.