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Hate me if you will, but I'm going to bring up TSA (and some other countries') screening measures again in view of what happened to Malaysian Air 17 today.  The US government, the Ukraine and others have concluded the plane was shot down at 32,000 ft by a Russian BUK missile, though they are not saying which possible group fired it (though a preponderance of evidence including voice recordings at the time of the missile strike suggests Russian separatists in Ukraine).  As one commentator on TV said today, "is this lost on would-be terrorists?"


Measures at airports that in my view are designed mostly to reassure people who don't fly much and seriously inconvenience people who do, are useless if groups such as these can get hold of BUKs or other missiles capable of bringing down a commercial airliner. Otherwise, why go to all the trouble of blowing up your genitals, like the underwear bomber did? I am NOT making light of this -- I think this is a very serious situation indeed.


And let's say for a moment that the US, Ukraine and others are wrong about it being a missile attack.  If that's the case, a terrorist got through what I consider the most difficult and redundant airport in the world for security (Schiphol).


Above all, my sympathies to those who had relatives on board in such a horrific and despicable act.  While I criticized Malaysia heartily during the earlier planedisappearance, it doesn't seem they had anything to do with this one (except flying over a war zone, which many other airlines did too), so I extend my condolences to a country that has suffered terribly from natural and manmade disasters over the past years.