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Here's a Few Questions for Travelers

Question asked by fschumpert on Jul 14, 2014
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Similar questions have been previously posted by others, but perhaps an update would be helpful:



1.  For most of us it's customary to leave a gratuity, or  "T.I.P." (i.e., "to insure profit", I believe the intention) for the one who serves you a meal in a restaurant. In the U.S. sometimes the meal receipt suggests a certain percentage; when the group exceeds 6-8 people, the tip is automatically added.


Voluntarily, what % tip do you award your waiter (waitress)?

    A) In the U.S.

    B) In other countries


2.  When I stay in a hotel (motel) for more than one night, I leave a tip on my bed pillow to thank the "chamber maid".


    A) Do you?

    B) How much?


3.  What about checking into a hotel with luggage and use valet parking?


    A) Do you tip the "bell boy", who brings luggage to your room?

    B) How much ?  (general amount, or $ per bag)

    C) And, valet parking - do you tip the one who parks your car initially, or only the one who brings it to you at time of departure?

    D) How much do you tip?  Do you tip more during inclement weather?u