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How does Marriott policy handle errors?

Question asked by glygrl on Jul 14, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 20, 2014 by boatpi

I recently booked a night in Orlando thanks to a 'Marriott Rewards Member Exclusive Offer' that was $5 more expensive than the normal rate and offered 4,000 bonus points.  I'd been looking into Marriott because of their event rewards program and jumped at the chance to start booking Marriott on my usual travels.  I like my Extended Stay just fine, but...


In any event, I went back to book the next several weeks, and realized that while the system was showing inventory for the offer for a few months, the rate details said the bonus point offer expired in June.  I immediately called Marriott and asked what the situation was - they quickly called the hotel and confirmed that they would honor the points offer.  I hoped they would update the dates soon so I could feel comfortable booking my upcoming stays.


Several days later, I go to book another night, and see that the more expensive Member Rewards tab still exists with the bonus points offer, but the dates are still for June =/  I call in first, this time, and am initially told by reservations that I wouldn't get points because the offer had expired.  I was unhappy - I felt like I'd given them a suitable amount of time to fix the inventory if the problem wasn't just with the dates.  The rep didn't act miffed when I asked to speak with someone else - transferred me to an angel in customer service who contacted the staff onsite who said that if I could book it online, they would honor it.  I booked it, she annotated it, and I like knowing they have staff like her in the call centers.


I really, really want to book this (with bonus points) for my Orlando stays the next several weeks - should I just book them and call in and ask them to honor the offer for all of them?  Should I call the hotel first directly?  Is there a specific policy for this sort of thing?  If it's not supposed to have an offer associated with it, isn't it essentially a members only exclusive chance to pay an extra $5?