PlusPoints - anyone else having issues?

Discussion created by muppetwrangler on Jul 14, 2014

I signed on for Plus Points back in May.  The first 30 day cycle was problem free.  I liked certain participating properties, shared postings on facebook, and received the maximum 2,000 points.  Now, however, I am not receiving points for participating properties that I have liked...and it's been almost 3 weeks since 'liking' and 'following' them.  I've even shared participating properties posts, and have not received the 25 bonus points allowed per 24 hour period.  Also, according to the rules, "You will receive an email shortly after earning these bonus points."  Well, haven't received those either.  I've e-mailed customer service one before, and they did deposit some missing points, however,  this for me continues to be a hassle filled promotion.  Just wondering if anyone else is having issues?