Insiders' "Social Media"

Discussion created by fschumpert on Jul 13, 2014
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In some ways, Marriott Insiders is similar to Facebook and Twitter as it pertains to keeping in touch with others. I wonder how many Insiders remember, or participated, in "Pen Pals", writing to people we usually did not know in another country. If so, perhaps you can remember how exciting it was to receive a letter, or card, from someone you befriended this way. However, you'll remember how long it took to receive a response via postal mail!  By contrast, now we can not only enjoy instant communications, but even with "Face Time", "Skype", and other media, to actually communicate visually with people we know, or meet, in other countries ! I would never have even contemplated this when I was a teenager!

What about your experiences as a child with "Pen Pals"? Did you ever have opportunity to actually meet them?