Travel Trends - Chasing the Boomer Travel Dollar

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With much of our discussion about the aggressive behavior of Loyalty Programs and companies pursuing the much desired millennials, here's some interesting movement chasing the Boomer dollar. I have an associate (not quite friend, but more than an acquaintance ) who is a Virtuoso travel agent who has sent me packages for several years and I must admit, I'm getting closer as I lean toward less 'Program Loyalty' and less interest in master planning everything (for example, look at the Australian package in the Boomers Hit the Road in Style).


Oh well, interesting stuff - granted, due to my inability to properly post; A) you get the Atlantis/Sorenson bonus and B) my Boomer stuff may disappear by time you see this,  (apparently another indication of one more reason why yours truly is doing less 'master planning' ). But in case you get to actually see what I discussed, enjoy.


Atlantis resort joins Marriott portfolio - CNBC


Now, because I lack the computer skills of proper linking - look to the bottom right for these two videos


Boomers Boost Luxury Travel Biz


Boomers Hit the Road in Style