Favorite Steakhouses

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I thought it might be fun to open up a discussion on steakhouses. They are my favorite type of restaurant. I would like everyone to share maybe their top 3 best meals/favorite steakhouse experiences, some places they have been to/enjoyed but weren't their top 3, and places they went to and the experience just didn't measure up.


I will start:



Gibsons (Chicago):  Delicious steaks, great atmosphere, great staff, great location, red leather booths, wood paneling, martinis, high rollers, flawless service, giant steaks, and lobster tails. Need I say more?


Capital Grille (particularly Chicago, Paramus and KOP): Absoultely the most flavorful and amazing porcini rubbed delmonico ever. Lobster Mac 'n Cheese is awesome and the creamed spinach is fantastic. The wait staff in these three locations are professional and very courteous. extensive wine list.


Keen's (NYC): Awesome Porterhouse for 2. Great sides. Very cozy and dark. Good service.


Runner ups: (Good mea; but not favorite)

Fleming's (Richmond VA)

Wolfgang's (NYC)

Ruth's Chris (NJ)

Bobby Van's (NYC)

Del Frisco's (NYC)


Places I would like to try from what I hear/see:



David Burkes Primehouse


Places I have tried but really didn't get the hype:


Peter Luger's (NYC) I just don't get the hype. Was the porterhouse good? Sure it was good but not great. It is in Brooklyn which means getting to it can be a pain, the wait staff is intentionally rude, and my biggest issue is that it's CASH ONLY (HUGE strike against it since the bill there is huge) Let's say its a group of 4-6 people what do you want me to do? get mugged with $500 in my wallet in Brooklyn? Nah, I'll pass.


Smith and Wollensky (Chicago) Maybe it was just an off night but the steak was just okay and the seating wasn't comfortable, mediocre service, very expensive for what I got)



Come on steaklovers! What places do you like?!?!