Folks with or without Disabilities and showers  !

Discussion created by daddyoh on Jul 9, 2014

As our population (particularly Baby Boomers) ages issues regarding physical mobility arise. Being one with mobility issues I prefer a walk-in shower as opposed to accessible tubs for several reasons: some tub are just plain weird,they are either to high or tub floor higher then actual floor, just to narrow,inappropriate placed grab bars or just to slippery. Many hotels have limited "handicapped" rooms and we have found that in some cases they are located in the most after thought areas of the hotel. I'm writing this in hopes of generating a discussion within the Hospitality Industry and having them in this case understand that the"One size fits all" is not necessarily true. Personally, I hate to request a designated "Handicapped" room but I NEED a walk-in shower,and these rooms mostly are the only ones that have that amenity. I also will refuse to park in "Handicapped" Van Only spaces which are also not readily designated. Next time observe that some "Handicapped" spaces DO NOT display on the blue sign "Van ONLY" in many cases. We know several wounded Vets (and GOD knows their number's have grown far to much) that have encountered difficulties with this exact issue. Most recently I have made our annual reservation online for the Fairfield Inn & Suites, at Emporia Va..Expecting to reserve our usual room "Handicapped w/roll-in shower" room, I was amazed to find three accessible rooms; one King w/roll-in, one double w/roll-in and one w/bed&sofa (not sure about the shower). On previous visits I was to believe that there were only two rooms and we always chose the King.  What excites me is the addition of the double room,for after a usual 8 to 10 hour drive it will be nice not to share the blankets with my wife. Having that said, I would like to know how many hotel visitors will actually take a BATH ? Out of curiosity we have NEVER taken a bath in a Hotel as we prefer showers even prior to my mobility issues. Should Hotels make showers only rooms more readily available, they will allow those that are more severely disabled the designated rooms they need. I look forward to a continued discussion and suggestions as to how to affect a change within the Hospitality Industry as the Mariott Fairfield Inn & Suites in Emporia Va  appears to have done. Great work I for one GREATLY appreciate it.