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Reward benefits .. and who doesn't offer within the Marriott brand ?

Question asked by paal on Jul 8, 2014
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Hey all,

I just registered on this forum, so sorry if this has been answered before. I am on a slow internet line from my cabin and don't have patient or bandwidth to search right now ... /


I recently stayed at a Courtyard hotel and was pretty surprised that the breakfast was not included in the room charge, neither was a room upgrade (I got the platinum welcome gift though .. a Snickers chocolate bar). I have been platimum member for a while and always thought these things were included as one of the benefits.Not a big deal actually, but fair should be fair. And for keeping to a brand I think you should get the benfits they say they offer.


I am going to travel for some weeks again pretty soon and need to book my stay. Besides from Courtyard, are there other brands within the Marriott chain who doesn't give the reward benefits? In other words, are there more brands I should avoid while searching and booking?


Thanks in advance.