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How quickly is a status change recognized?

Question asked by oxymoronic on Jul 3, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 5, 2014 by katiec

I am about to embark on a lot of travel with 6 different stays planned between now and end of August.   During this time, I will hit Platinum Elite.   Upon reaching status, how quickly is this recognized on the system?   In one scenario, I could well technically hit PE after checking out of one hotel but be checking into another hotel the next day.   I'm guessing by the time I check in I will still be Gold on the system but hopefully be recognized as Platinum 4 days later when I check out of that next hotel.


I'm assuming that I have zero chance of receiving the Platinum Gift upon checking in.


I'm assuming that I should be credited with the Platinum bonus miles irrespective given I will be technically Platinum upon checking in (even if it's not recognized on the system).   Is this a fair expecation or is it based upon status at check-in?