80% of Marriott Properties are Category 5 and lower. Could it be?

Discussion created by bejacob on Jul 6, 2014
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I was goofing around on the Marriott website pondering/dreaming of where I might go next and how I could experience more of the Marriott brands (Marriott now lists 18 Brands. How many have you visited?). As I did, I decided to look at the current rewards category and found the following (subject to change as new hotels open and during the yearly reset).


category.PNG Analysis.PNG


I was surprised that the largest grouping was Category 3, followed closely by Category 2 and 4. With the all the discussion on this site, I anticipated a much larger showing of Category 6 and up.


I acknowledge that in larger cities, finding anything below Category 7 is becoming difficult, but I was shocked at how the numbers came out. The 3125 Category 5 and below properties might not be in places all of us want to visit, but with so many to choices, I say "Bring on the Category 1-5 promo certificates for the fall MegaBonus."


At least until next year, when the categories rise again, 80% of Marriott properties should be within reach of a free night certificate.