Santorini: Prehistoric museum and Akrotiri

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Hi all,

Here are some pics from the amazing Museum of Prehistoric Thera (devoted to the Bronze Age - the nearby Archaeological Museum has later Greek and Roman pieces, after Santorini was past its heyday) and the Akrotiri, where most of them were found.  I was thrilled that the Akrotiri reopened after a long hiatus.  In the museum, I especially love the dancing monkey and lady frescoes.IMG_2506.jpgIMG_2500.jpgIMG_2450.jpgIMG_2452.jpgIMG_2453.jpgIMG_2457.jpgIMG_2462.jpgIMG_2536.jpgIMG_2520.jpgIMG_2522.jpgIMG_2521.jpgIMG_2524.jpg