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Delay in Posting Stay Credit From Marriott

Question asked by painedplatinum on Jun 27, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 10, 2014 by iahflyr

I noticed a specific member started a thread about their account lagging credits. I thought I'd open a general thread....


For as many years as I can remember, stays and points will post to my account normally 2 days after checkout. Maybe twice per year, the credit wouldn't show up until the 3rd day. So far in 2014, the norm is starting to be 3 days. That's unfortunate, but tolerable.


A new delay, of up to 7 days, has now happened with my last 3 stays. Once was a nuisance, twice was a concern, now three is a big problem. I track everything. When things are late, for no apparent justifable reason...I go bonkers . I was chatting with a gentleman last night while dining at the FFI in Baltimore. He shared the same concerns. He also has experienced this slow down in credit postings. So, is this an epidemic? A new delayed strategy by Marriott Corporate? Some type of reporting error at hotel level that is spreading?


Anyone else with the issue?