Spirit to Serve Nomination for Kenneth M

Discussion created by blessedmommy22 on Jun 26, 2014
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Ken M. is the definition of true customer service.  He helped us prior to our even making a reservation.  My father-in-law was in Duke hospital for 2.5 months, so my mother-in-law needed somewhere close to stay since she lives in Virginia.  My husband called and spoke with Ken who answered all our questions, and was so very helpful, considerate, and understanding.  We then sent my mother-in-law over to look at the hotel to see if it met her needs, and he was there to show her around and answer all her questions.  We was there for her and was always willing to help us as well, even though we are in Virginia as well.  If we needed to send her paperwork, we emailed it to him, he printed it, and got it to her.  When we came to visit, he treated us like old friends.  My two young children were obviously bored, so he asked me if they'd like to play tennis, and then pulled out tennis rackets and a ball for them.  He then told me of other things they could do at the hotel as well. 

Simply put, Ken went above and beyond, and treated us wonderfully.  The situation the family is in has been very stressful, but we always knew that Ken would be there to help reduce the stress in any way he could.  He should be commended, and others should look to him as an example of how to treat customers.  The very least he deserves is a Spirit to Serve