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Goodbye Marriott

Question asked by travelin'surveyor on Jun 26, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 17, 2014 by barrpat

This is difficult thing to say but I will be leaving the Marriott Group due to supposed changes in their Rewards policy.  I have more than 250 nights over the last 3 years ALL booked in my name but paid with Corporate Credit Card.  I am now being told that I am ineligible for Rewards Points since I am not paying the hotel DIRECTLY.  Every single stay has been done in the same manner in the past.  The Marriott Rewards Program has always been an important part of my decision on where to stay, and it is MY decision, this and airline miles are the only perk I get from my extensive travels.


I have contacted the Hilton Group and they have assured me that I will receive their Honors points and the will even reinstate my Diamond status after only 10 nights this year, so while I enjoy the upper end hotels of the Marriott Group, without the rewards points it is not worth it.


  Take a look and re-evaluate if you travel often and book your stays in the same manner that I do.