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Platinum Arrival Gift

Question asked by jcampbell on Jun 28, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 7, 2014 by katiec

Curious question as it does not happen to me very often.  I am staying at the Henry Autograph Hotel in Dearborn MI.  It is a nice hotel but they were swamped when I checked in yesterday (Friday).  The woman at the desk was by herself.  She quickly checked me in offered me breakfast vouchers (Platinum Premier) and said thank you.  I thought that it was off she said nothing of the gift.  I went back down the next morning to ask about it and she was there again.  I asked why I was not offered it and she told me she just gave me the points, no apology nothing.  Having been Platinum the last 12 years I can count on one hand how often this happens and usually I am called as soon as I get to my room to apologize and ask what I would like and usually receive both points and a gift.  This woman saw no need.  At this point I am curious what the group would say I do besides just suck it up and chalk it up to poor customer service at the Henry?  Thanks