Certificates: Earn 'em and burn 'em

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When it comes to allowing my Certificates to expire, everyone in Insiders knows, there's nothing I like better than to this boy related to
  PS - this search came up as Erc, is this boy related to you?
  Vaboy has entered Insiders into the Google lexicon
  With expiration dates creeping closer; One solution,
A modern Animal House remake
   Mrs. Erc loved the idea, 
Photo of a woman saying so off we went.
  I had two Cat. 5s and one Cat. 4. As a big fan of the SouthPark area around Charlotte NC, the Marriott SouthPark filled the bill nicely. Wanting to only make one seven hour drive (returning) and also wanting to swing through some of the nice wineries that Charlottesville local vaboy highlighted in Virginia is for Wine Lovers  the Lynchburg Va. SpringHill was an excellent match, exactly half way from DC to Charlotte. Both properties continue to be well run (I have been to both several times for baseball or when I used to run with the BB&T boys) with well meaning and competent staff and yes, I would have said that about the Marriott even without the good fortune of landing the Presidential Suite on a certificate! 

Barboursville Winery, home of some award winning reds outside Charlottesville

  Blue Mountain Brewery in Nelsen County Virginia - some great local brews

The Liberty Mountain SnowFlex at Liberty U. (Va.'s largest U) -
Year round skiing, snowboarding, and tubing - guys I know, like it in July (has ramps etc)
Charlotte NC from Metropolitan Midtown -Big banks and energy
Duke Energy tallest on left, Bank of America tallest on right
Plenty to do downtown - search Charlotte restaurants for great Insiders recommendations
Bechtler Museum of Modern Art, plenty of good Performing Arts and of course, Beer!

Opened this April, Chicago White Sox AAA team The Knights play here, great views

One final note on Lynchburg Va. As I have written before, just about 20 miles away (essentially halfway between Roanoke Va. and Lynchburg) is the National D-Day Memorial. I highly recommend this to anyone who gets this close (or even to plan a trip if you're driving The Blue Ridge Parkway). It is very inspirational and quite moving. You'll be glad you swung by.

Ok, back to Marriott Certificates:  Moral of the story: if you are a road warrior and therefore don't have the time/interest for my type of lollygagging, then you're not chasing certificates anyway, you're hunting big game, 25k points or more in your MegaBonus. But as a bottom feeder like myself logging 1-4 stays (granted, traveling more than that, but using award nights and other deals), these certificates, be they roadside or airport layovers, local overnights, or the rare full service 'find', continue to hold value. The specified item was not found., here's an idea to pass along to that infamous "greater team"; for future MegaBonuses, how about offering both, certificates or double points after two stays. Thank you.

          The Greater Team
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