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Were you denied the Look No Further Guarantee, although you perfectly qualify for it?

Question asked by axel on Jun 24, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 25, 2014 by jmart

Recently I made a reservation through for the AC Hotel Palau de Bellavista in Girona, Spain for three adults travelling together  This hotel has no family or triple rooms, so I had to book two double or twin rooms instead.

I had noticed that offered a better rate for this hotel, so I decided to give the Look No Further Guarantee, the Marriott way of "lowest price guarantee" a try.

Therefore, I had to book rooms through at the lowest possible rate, which is a non refundable rate for the rooms only (as usual).

To my surprise, the reservation procedure on automatically assumes that when you book two or more rooms at a time, all double or twin rooms are booked as if they will effectively be used to sleep two people. This has no immediate incidence on the room rate since this hotel charges the same rate for two people sharing a room and for single occupancy -- it charges the same rate for bed and breakfast for two people sharing a double room and for a single person as well.

However, it makes a difference in the total cost for the rooms which was charged to my credit card. charges only the room rate and the applicable VAT, and their website mentions that the local city tax of 0,99 euros per person and per night will be payable at the reception. charges basically the same room rate and the same VAT as, but on top of that the city tax at 0,99 euros per person per night is added to the prepayment, again assuming that there are 2 people sharing every room. This means that we already prepaid city tax for 4, even though we will be just 3.

Adding insult to injury, our reservation confirmations contain a "Hotel Alert", stating that the new city tax of EUR 1 per person per night is not included in the rates and will have to be paid at the reception. This means that, in order to enjoy the "lowest price guarantee" we will have to pay 8 times the city tax (4 in advance and 4 with a surcharge at the reception) for every night spent. If we had made our reservation through, we would have had to pay in advance exactly the same room rate and the same VAT, but not the city tax; and just 3 times the city tax of 0,99 euros per person per day at the reception -- exactly as it should be.

Not surprisingly, the rate applied by is higher than the rate on for the same rooms, at the same dates at the same hotel.

It is so obvious that the Look No Further Guarantee should be applied in full on our reservation, but Marriott Customer Care has so far refused to do so.

They do not even agree to compensate me for having precharged a city tax for 4 people when in effect we are only a party of 3 and apparently having drawn their attention on the anomaly of charging the city tax twice and at different rates leaves them completely indifferent.

After their denial of my claim, they refuse to reply to my e-mails asking to discuss this matter with the manager.

For almost a day now, they do not react at all to my reminders!

Can anybody who really cares about Marriott and its customers give me advice on how to get the Look No Further Guarantee applied on my reservation as it should?