HDMI Input - Not working or disabled?

Discussion created by clintium on Jun 20, 2014
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Staying at the Marriott Augusta. Just spent 15 minutes working with one of the "engineers" on hooking up a Wii to the TV.


Clearly the direct input won't work. That could cause a loss of profit, right? Or maybe it's to prevent someone from "messing with settings" as some representatives are quick to suggest... Regardless Marriott took a solid approach of installing a "Jack Pack" that should allow you to input whatever you want through their system.


Sadly, after half an hour of trying (and I'm tech savvy - hooking up a video game system does not take me half an hour), I am forced to admit that Marriott has purchased a TV that is immune to external input. The "engineer" even brought in a special tool to disconnect the coax cable. We were basically working with a completely bare tv not connected to anything. No dice.


It's pretty frustrating to be such a consistent customer to Marriott and not be able to use a simple service like an HDMI cord. I get it, we all want to make money. But legitimately blocking user input is garbage.


Rant: over.


It would be great to have a marriott rep address this.


Edit: Check out this link for a lengthy discussion: