Try to ticket flights before July 1 or pay more

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New Airline Ticket Fees Coming
The 9/11 security fee on airline tickets is going up on July 1. The increase was mandated by Congress in last year's budget compromise. Currently, the fee is $2.50 per segment, with a cap of $5 per one-way trip or $10 per round-trip. The new fee is $5.60 per one-way trip, but with no cap -- meaning that the fee would need to be paid on itineraries involving multiple stops, long connection time, or stopovers (a four-hour break in the whether voluntary or due to airline scheduling). Taking two flights to a destinations with a four-hour connection, for example, will trigger $11.20 in fees. A portion of the increased fee is being allocated to the general fund for deficit reduction. Fees collected prior to July 1 are used exclusively to defray the cost of security.