That Old Gang of Ours

Discussion created by erc on Jun 13, 2014
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Here's hoping the best of health to our Insider friends who we haven't heard from in a while; before they go the way of our
good pal alrenaissance   and completely disappear. Sending out an all points bulletin/bolo in hopes we can bring back a few for just a brief "hello" or update.

Add some encouragement to spur them on and/or names of others we all miss hearing from:

Last year's deserved winner of Insider of the Year Award - gemprincess
Master  Listkeeper - lakersfan
Southern Raconteur - eb5147
Travel Writer Extraordinaire - razorbackfan
No Beancounter, this finance guru - stelzer001
Dahlia magnate -tryt53

and other contributors who have been missed;
captbigguy  - Cool cajun
  hsposner  - Tampa shipping honcho
bonzaiflyer - Creator of  "Calling shenanigans"
kroywen    - NYC all the way
techie    - UK IT whiz

I had thought tef6178 had gone into witness protection after I said I might end up in Ft. Walton one day, but he had a nice writeup of JW Indy and the Newport Coast Villas recently, so he's just on the lam.

Missing folks, we promise not to bug you, just give us one of these
Best wishes and as always, keep on keepin' on Insiders, each and every one of you