Early dinners not just for us geezers any more

Discussion created by erc on Jun 12, 2014
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Like Huey Lewis once sang, "it's hip to be square" (and save money). Man, first they move in on our Insider bar trend, and now our early dinner specials, what next, jeans with cuffs ?

Alinea lovers, note the savings (still steep, but down from stratospheric) and now my OpenTable 1,000 points (essentially $10 savings) might require roller derby skills to squeeze in.


Oh well, I still have my goldstar, travelzoo, fillaseat, and costco restaurant gift cards and oh yeah, my Marriott Rewards Offers **.


** - just booked a two room villa that charged $50 a piece (which of course, they disclose after the click here price) for each additional person beyond the second guest. What did they think, me and the Mrs. were going to play hide and seek?!  Why, I oughta......