Why Does Marriott provide inferior Benefits for Elites at "Resorts"

Discussion created by amsterdamgator on Jun 8, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 19, 2014 by kharada46

With the Marriott Properties in San Juan closing their lounges to Elites there is hardly anywhere in Florida or the Caribbean where elites get much recognition for loyalty.  I often travel to these destinations for business and surprised by the lack appreciation or benefits provided especially compared to other chains.  No Lounges, No Free Internet because everyone pays for it in the "resort fees", no free breakfast on Weekends, No upgrades, etc.


Over the past year I have pushed numerous stays to other chains as a result.  I don't get why Marriott is so "cheap" compared to the other chains.   It will cost Marriott about 50 of my stays this year as a result of not offering anything special for my loyalty compared to their competition.  It works both ways.


I probably won't qualify for Platinum this year as a result, but what does it matter if you don't get anything for it?