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Late Check-Out, A First!

Question asked by jerrycoin on Jun 11, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 22, 2014 by californian

Well after 30 + years, here's a first!


When I asked for a one hour extension on check-out, I was told NO!


The excuse at the RI, was people needed to be checked in?  However, this was a pathetic excuse.  No maid nor anyone came around my room before Noon!


When I expressed my displeasure to the lady at the front desk, and explained my Platinum status, and I only needed one hour, she said "Sorry".  I then explained, no problem, you will never have to worry about me asking for this again.  Will never go back!


Has anything like this happened to you?  Again, I could understand if this was a National Holiday, or some major event, but Brentwood, TN?  Sadly, I cancelled out of another property to stay there, my mistake!


Have you had a similar experience?