Remembrance, Heroism and Thanks - D Day

Discussion created by profchiara on Jun 6, 2014
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Hi all,

I would like to thank all of you who have served our country in wars past and present.  As I watched the ceremonies in Normandy early this morning I was struck by the incredible selflessness and heroism of that one day in history.  Strangely, I realized my beloved cat was born 5 years ago today on the 65th anniversary.  So we had a double celebration.


This may be the last time for veterans of the "Great War" to return to Normandy, though I hope many have years to live and serve as examples to all of us.


Some have questioned my patriotism because I have not supported all wars our country has fought.  But that is what is so great about our country -- we have the freedom and liberty to voice our opinions and even dissent, which few other countries in the world can claim.  Our Constitution is an amazing document that guarantees our rights and liberties against the tyranny we faced in the 18th C (I didn't -- my ancestors were still in Switzerland till 1913).  Long live the US and the men and women who receive little attention for their extraordinary service.


Thank you all!