Non-refundable rate cancellation policy

Discussion created by kinseattle on Jun 9, 2014
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Marriott - please consider offering your elites the ability to cancel all bookings without penalty and without question.


I avoid non-refundable travel bookings but I am often working very fast and occassionally I accidently book the wrong code.  Marriott gives the individual hotel the option of cancelling the reservation or not.  I did it again and called the hotel directly.  I explained a collegue is traveling in my place and would be making his own reservation.  The young man took far too much of my time explaining he would transfer the reservation but not cancel it.  Of course, I do not know the credit card of my collegue and he cannot cancel my reservation.  Furthermore, apparantly the hotel is full so if he simply cancelled the reservation, he likely would book it again at a higher rate.  He left me angry with Marriott.  Not the result you need.


Thank you.