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Hawaii or The of 3 w/teeneage

Question asked by yachtzone on Jun 8, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 1, 2014 by jerrycoin

I hate to sound needy, but I am trying to decide where to take the family on vacation and I want my soon to be 15 year old son to have a good time.  I look at vacations as a time to unwind and enjoy my surroundings.  I don't play golf or tennis, but enjoyed my experience snorkeling when I was last in Hawaii 15 years ago.  My son has ADHD and we need some activities for him to look forward to and experience.  He loves sailing, tennis, and exploration.  As a family we search for the best quality locally owned restaurants wherever we are.  We enjoy the finer things, but we are far from pretentious.  We love seafood and many different ethnic foods, but drinking is not important to either me or my wife.  Culture, beauty, quality of environment and accommodations are tantamount to this trip.  I know my wife and son will enjoy some unique shopping experiences, but I would rather get a massage and relax in the water.  .......As far as history....I loved Maui and don't need to go back to Honolulu except if it would benefit my son.


Any guidance would be appreciated.