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hotel category & free night voucher ISSUES

Question asked by atlbiztravel on May 31, 2014
Latest reply on Sep 26, 2014 by boatpi

I have 4 free night vouchers from the last few promotions I completed but can not use them anywhere. How are the hotel categories decided?? It cant be decided by what is offered at the property. Why can I stay at a beautiful category 4 hotel in Orlando but I cant stay at a dumpy Fairfield in North Carolina because it is a category 5 or 6 ?   Throughout the country Fairfield inn and courtyards are mostly lower end unless they received a remodel over the last few years. (The booking website should list the last remodel date) . The free night vouchers should not be decided by category but by brands. I like how Choice Hotels rewards you with free nights using points so if you do not want to use the free night you can cash in the points or you can let the points add up to stay at a high end property.

Why are some new Marriott hotels lower categories when older ones with less features are higher?? I live in Atlanta and every hotel I try to use a voucher on located within a 4 hour drive is to high of a category. I am limited to mostly lower end properties in this part of the country. Other parts of the country I can use the vouchers at really nice categories.  


Does anyone agree that if  the vouchers were limited by brands instead of category it would be more fair ??


Does anyone else see how categories at Marriott do not make sense??



Fun example:

A big, new, property with coffee franchise , restaurant & activities in prime location (category 4)


A small old property in the middle of knowwhere  with no upgrade yet (category 6) ee nightg