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Wishing Bonus Bucks Would Make a Comeback!

Question asked by marcell on May 30, 2014



I have been a MR Member for over 12 years. For the first few years of my membership, I used to recall seeing the Bonus Bucks (BBs) being offered on various reservations. For example, you could receive a $50 BB after a 2 night stay at a Residence Inn or a $100 BBs after a stay at a FS Marriott.


I have been fortunate to receive the BBs on many occasions and they have helped reduced the cost of my stay on various occasions.


However, is there or could there be any ideas or plans to offer BBs on a regular basis?


If not on a regular basis, then could they be offered in a quarterly promotion? Perhaps, using a reservation code at various hotels across the country which would give travelers a chance to earn them.