An Old Iconic property, Another great stay and The Bloom is off the Rose

Discussion created by tef6178 on May 29, 2014
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The month of May was a busy one for me and Mrs tef. We began in California at the Newport Coast Villas, then found ourselves stopping in on Nashville TN and tried out the Union Station Autograph property. We then finished up the 34th trip to the Indy 500 with a stay at the downtown JW.


The JW Marriott, once again, was just a great stay. This staff and management just know how to run a property. Classy, efficient, friendly and just a lot of fun to be with because they are so accommodating and nice to their guests. I'll certainly continue to stay here and enjoy their hospitality whenever I'm in Indianapolis.


The Union Station Autograph property was a pleasant surprise! We decided to try this place out and found we really made a great choice. The staff was 'over the top' friendly and offered us 20% discounts on any food or drink on property as a Platinum member. Just show the card and they take it off the bill before you sign for it. The location, an old train station, has retained its magnificent grandeur of old with stained glass windows and woodwork that just gives a 'wow' factor. The rooms were large and comfortable. We had a great view from ours. The hotel is very close to many attractions in Nashville and presents an easy walk from the property to most of them. We'll be sure to stay here again next time we visit Nashville!


Then, there was the Newport Coast Villas. We've stayed at this property many times before and have always been given a great villa with a nice view of the Pacific Ocean. Not this time. When I was given the villa location and key I asked what was going on with the villa location. Bottom tier as low on the property as you can go. Not even an elevator to get down to the 'dungeon'. I was told that they didn't have any better villas at that time. We went down and the place was so dark we hardly ever saw light. If we were there during the day, we had to have lights on. Thank goodness we spent very little time there. At a later point I asked from management what gives with the accommodations since we had been there so many times before and had never had a villa like this. Didn't tell him I was a MVC owner or a Platinum member with Marriott. I was told that because of all the requests they get  they have instituted a 'pecking' order for guests since I was not an owner there. Really? We both decided that it would be our last stay at this property so as not to give them the chance to 'peck on us' again. There's too many other good properties to go back for a second stuff job.