Promotions Involving Nights Earned

Discussion created by marcell on May 29, 2014
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Hello Marriott Community,


I have noticed with most promotions involving earning nights after the 2nd paid stay, that you can earn at least 2 stays while staying consecutive nights at a hotel.  If you make 2 separate reservations for the same period of stay, you can  "checkout" after the first reservation and "check-in" under the 2nd reservation. Then when the 2nd reservation/stay is complete, the system will recognize each checkout as a stay.


For example, if you are staying Thursday through Sunday (a 3-day stay) at a hotel, I would book the first 2 nights as a reservation, and the next night as a separate reservation. Usually, after the first 2 nights upon check-in, I would receive a folio under the door. I would "checkout" under this 2-night stay at the front desk, and check-in under the next reservation. Upon completing my stay, I would notice that the promotion would acknowledge 2 stays for that consecutive stay.


Sometimes, I plan to stay 2 nights, but not sure if I will stay the 3rd night which is one reason I have made 2 reservations. I notice the disclaimer would define a stay as consecutive nights stayed in a hotel, regardless of checkin/checkout activity. But, there are apparently exceptions to the rule.


Anyone else ever have this to happen?