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Question asked by sacerdos15 on May 30, 2014
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Finally a marriott manager has admitted that some of the perk supposedly given to elite members are not given.I wrote a review for tripadvisor about the Delray Marriott which was for the most part complimentary because it is an exceptional property and that is the reason I have been going there for 6 years for two weeks.In a review of the Hollywood marriott where I had gone before I had mentioned that at the end of my stay I had asked for a late checkout time of 2 hours.I was denied.I mentioned that I was a silver elite the answre was still no.I called Marriott and was told that as silver elite I was entitled to a  late checkout.Marriott called the hotel and I was given the late checkout.When I told this story people mentioned that Marriott inDelray had a policy of no exceptions to the checkout time despite an elite status.I checked with Marriotlt and was told that was not correct and that the elite status gives you the right too a late checkout. Recently after spending 2 weeks at the delray marr. I asked for a checkout time of 1 and they said no despite my elite status which is gold.I mentioned this in my tripadviror review and in their comment the hotel said they DO NOT allow a late checklout so as to allow incoming guests to be abel to check in.Is the delray hotel any different from other marriotts who do allow it includinng  Ritz Carlton where i have stayed that allowed me to stay until 4! What gives them the right  to deny to a gold elite member a perk which they advertise.I was not bothered that much by only being  allowed one hour extlra but i am livid that they admit it.What other perks do they or others take it upon themselves to deny.I have been using marriott since i was a marquis memmber and at the time a stockholder.For the last 25 years all my stays have been paid by myself not by a company and I have reached the gold level.and I am not going to let this rest.I will pound on every door report to all travel magazines and bother social media exposing marriott hypocrisy  until i have received a satisfactory answer.