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In regards to sanitation, what is the first thing that you do after you enter your hotel room?

Question asked by highmaintenance13 on May 25, 2014
Latest reply on May 5, 2016 by kroywen

About 19 years ago I would stay at a particular hotel whenever I would be in town and became friendly with the hotel staff.  They informed me of which rooms were better than the others and would give me a little extra room amenities, and would inform me of their sanitary practices. 


I would sometimes arrive during the time that the rooms were being cleaned and noticed that no one had a comforter on their carts.  So I began to ask if the comforters are changed after each guest and was told no, however, if I wanted a clean one, someone would bring it to me.  I later saw a documentary on the cleanliness of hotels and was shocked.  I can't remember the exact tineframe, but one housekeeper told me that whenever she travels, she always removes the bedding and will replace it with her own.  I also read that someone else never touch the remote for the entire stay.


Whenever, I enter the room I will spray lysol on the remote and the toilet seat.   Since I have been staying at Marriott's, I have not seen the heavy comforter, and they use the duvet instead, which are on the housekeepers cart.  I have stayed at three other brands and they also had the duvet covers, do maybe the hospitality industry decided on a change.


What is the first thing that you do after  you enter your room and does it depend if you are traveling with your family?