Where have all the clocks (supply melody)? Long time...

Discussion created by profchiara on May 22, 2014
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This has been a pet peeve for me for a long time.  Especially if you're somewhere else in the world and have to awaken at 3 or 4am for an early flight, where are the clocks, except sometimes a tiny unreadable version on the TV?  I am reminded of this because I am at the Athens Airport Sofitel (highly recommended -- it is LITERALLY across from the airport) and just noticed a wall clock next to the bed. A Pierre Cardin digital wall clock, no less.  And, to add something even more wonderful, the time is accurate!


I don't know if others have experienced this but if I have to get up very early I sleep very restlessly, always wondering what time it is. That happened last night when I had to get up very early for my flight from Crete.  Every 40-50 min I was awake.


Bring back the clocks!  We don't need the clunky radio/music sort that some miscreant sets to go off at 1am playing hard rock, but a plain digital clock.  Guess I'm old fashioned.