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What does it take to be a local foodie?

Question asked by kharada46 on May 21, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 25, 2014 by kharada46

Since we're always talking about food, what does it take to be a local foodie where you're from?


For Hawaii, see this list:  Local foodie: What you have to eat

I don't entirely agree with it.  I think Spam should be a mandatory item, while beans and heat shouldn't necessarily be.  Poi should also be a harder requirement... not that you have to like it, but have at least tried it more than once


Have you tried any of these merb


I know you've got an opinion IAHFLYR as our resident grilling expert.  jerrycoin, though not from France, must already be a local food wise. 


I'll be very surprised if the great profchiara doesn't have lobster or some type of seafood in her list and if   pluto77 doesn't include some type of taco in hers!