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Marriott cancelled my honeymoon

Question asked by poora on Jun 1, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 2, 2014 by poora

Hi All,


maybe, this is the wrong place for my issue, but, please, help me.


I booked a room on 29th May to Marriott Aruba with flight. (from 30th. July to 6th August).

On 30th May I got a BLANK cancellation email, without any reasons or any apologize, without any new offer or info about redemption.


I wrote some emails to Marriott Customer Care, but since Friday I don't know, why my honeymoon has been cancelled.

Now I know, Hotel + Flight packages are managed by a third party company: Vacations by Marriott.

I started my reservation on, honestly it is not my business if I forwarded to a third party page.


Until now, if a hotel couldn't give the booked room, I always got fast and fair information, and an offer about another room type, or the hotel tried to find a proper room in another hotel.


But now, Marriott doesn't really want to help, I don't know anything, I didn't get any info, I didn't get back my money either.


What can I do in this case?


Thank you in advance,