Do Promotions Encourage You to Travel More?

Discussion created by bejacob on May 24, 2014
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After reading comments on several other discussion threads, I wondered how many Insiders travel more in order to earn bonus points (or certificates when offered). Several people have mentioned that their travel plans were already set before the latest bonus was announced. Others have said that the bonus points available are not worth chasing. I know a few people who plan travel in advance based on the usual time periods for bonus offers perhaps shifting travel by a week or two so that it will fall into the promotion time frame. What is your take?


Do promotions encourage you to add an extra night (or stay) during the promotion period?


For me, I usually am offered the lowest offer (make 2 stays and earn a free night certificate, up to 2 free nights). My normal travel plans almost always make this achievable, though I did make one extra stay during a MegaBonus a few years back.


For the summer promotion (starting June 1), I got the "earn 25,000 bonus points for staying 15 nights, and an additional 10,000 points after 20 nights" offer. Before the promotion was announced, I already had 10 paid nights booked between June and August. While I don't think I will reach 20 nights, I am planning to stay 5 more nights before August 31 so that I can achieve the bonus. I might even make a local stay if I still need one or two nights in late August. In short, Marriott got me. My offer is just a bit beyond what I had already planned and now I'm looking at staying a few additional nights to reach it.


Share your thoughts, not just about the summer promotion, but about promotions in general. Do they affect your travel plans?