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Question asked by patrish on May 19, 2014
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Why does show a price per night for a room and when you go to view rates all of a sudden they are only showing you a suite which is three times the price that was stated. In particular I was checking on the St. Pancras Renaissance which tells me on the list of London Marriott properties that it will be £276 ($464) a night For my desired 5 night stay.   When I click View Rates the rate turns into £625 ($1051.50) for a Grand Junior Suite.  Then my only option is to click room packages and that tells me that a regular room is £343 ($577) a night but includes breakfast which I get anyway for being a gold or platinum member.  On the other hand if I go to I can book a room without breakfast and for my 5 day stay for an average of $325  a night however I can not earn points on my room price paid.  Why hasn't Marriott saved a room for me with this option?  Do I have to call and plead my case with an agent.  This isn't the first time I've ran into this problem.  I will most likely stay at the County Hall but St. Pancras was a little less expensive and I my plan to go to Paris for a day so therefore St. Pancras would be convenient for taking the Eurostar.  Has anyone else encountered this?  Also, the price on was NOT the pay in advance price.