Advice Wanted: How to Get a Feather Free Room? What I'm Doing Doesn't Work.

Discussion created by cjkatl on May 17, 2014
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Any advice on how to get hotels to provide a feather free room? What this Platinum Premier is currently doing doesn't seem to always work. Here is my present MO:

  • My profile indicates feather free room requested.
  • There are notes on my file indicating I need a feather free room.
  • I've been told someone from Marriott reaches out to the hotels letting them know.
  • I call the hotel the day of the reservation and have the following conversation:
    • Me: (Insert desk clerk's name), can you please make sure the room is feather free.
    • Desk Clerk: It is noted.
    • Me: I understand that, but can YOU please double check, or ask a manager to double check."
    • DC: The housekeeping manager has noted it's done.
    • Me: I understand that, but I have the conversation several times a week with DC's who, like you, trust the HKM. IME, it often isn't done, as they are taking a HK's word, or just feeling the pillow and thinking incorrectly that it is foam. Please, please, please double check.
    • DC: OK, will do.
  • I ask again at check-in, often to the same desk clerk I spoke to on the phone.
    • DC: I did recheck your room. Enjoy your feather free room!
    • Me: Thank you!
    • Me on the phone from the room: The room isn't feather free.
    • DC: It should be. The HKM assured me. (Note, the claim this person checked personally is now forgotten.) Are you sure?
    • Me: According to the labels on the pillow and comforter, these are feather.
    • DC: We will take care of it immediately. (IMO, 45 minutes isn't immediate when all you want to do is get out of your suit and catch up on work, or when it's past midnight and you have to be up at six.)

Any suggestions on what more I can do? My allergy is severe, so it's not a question of making the best of the situation. I've gone to the ER over this before, once by ambulance, and travel with an Epi-Pen for this reason. I'd rather not have to use it!


Hotels invariably throw points or free nights at the situation, but that does nothing to solve the issue. Free stuff doesn't undo the lack of sleep or the extra time after a day in front of customers followed by two flights and a ride in a crowded van or dirty taxi.


This is a uniquely Marriott issue. It doesn't happen to me at Hilton, Starwood or Holiday Inn properties. They seem to be able to follow through on their feather free room promise. I don't have to even call those properties before showing up. Why is it such a problem with Marriott properties?