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This and that on a Friday

Question asked by wesleywc on May 16, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 15, 2016 by iahflyr

Reservation process

* I'd like to see Marriott offer the "pick your own room" map added to the reservation process like that of one of its chief competitors.


  * Does Marriott offer an App that tells you when your room is available?

  * IMO Marriott should make it policy to offer automatic upgrades (when available) instead of having to fact check if upgrades are really available.

Issues while at the hotel

  * I've stayed at another chain that posted a TM # that allowed a guest to ask/complain/comment while at the hotel? Does Marriott offer that? At that hotel my issue was immediately addressed. I received an immediate TM response stating they received my TM and then another TM shortly thereafter with the associates name and how it was/will be resolved. This method is far easier especially if it late at night. Its a tech driven world, get used to it. 

Go Green

* Is Marriott going to make recycling mandatory (not by guests, the hotel). I rarely come across recycling bins inside rooms or in the hotel. Of course some Marriotts do, but why not make recycling company wide?


* I'd like to see Marriott offer a tie-in with Zipcar or Enterprise CarShare if the powers to be allow.

Things I'd like to see Marriott eventually come around to

* Make all check-in/check-out activities via kiosk and eventually via SmartPhone. Have a trained associate there to handle difficulties/problems and the people who would refuse to use the kiosk. You know who you are. Mwhaha

Just my thoughts on a Friday. Feel free to add yours.