My Personal Contest for MRIs

Discussion created by peteruliano on May 15, 2014
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Ok so I am a Member of the Tennessee Squires association which is just a "Secret club" of Jack Daniels whiskey drinkers who get a cool little Membership card  , A calendar every year , I deed to one square inch of land and some non sense  letters claiming to find goats eating your grass etc. A lot of Member of this organization are very protective and do not want new members and get mad if you discuss it (not me). I think its just a fun and cool thing to have.


Anyway I am allowed to nominate 3 people my entire life and I have 2 nominations left for new members so .....



I thought I would give back to another club that I cherish Marriott Rewards and offer 2 People my Nominations. (My Brother also told me he would let me use is 3 nominations so I technically have 5 left).


Anyway if you are interested at all , I will give my nominations to the 2 people from our community here at MRI.


Simply say why you want it and the 2 people with the most likes on their comment will get the nominations.


I am just doing this for fun and to give back , if you are not interested or do not care please do not attack me. I am just trying to do something nice.